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Chief Value Officer

  • Value Management Process

  • Value Communication Management

  • Value Customer Management

  • Culture & Mindset

  • Ethics

  • Sustainability

  • Governance

  • Diversity

Do you have a Chief Value Officer?  If not consider a Fractional CVO to focus on expanding your value 

CVOs are focused on systematically creating, assessing and capturing value across all processes and functions of the firm.


Value is created in three stages — value discovery, value realization and value optimization. 


CVOs make sure that all programs, actions, initiatives, new products, services and investments create and capture customer value.


They challenge the decision making process to bring forward customer needs, value propositions and value models as well as how value is captured in the process. 


CVOs live and breathe value management as the eyes, ears and voices within the organization advocating value creation for the customer.


They focus on culture, mindset, and language of value.

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