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​"Joe worked closely with me for over 2 years. During that time Joe, as CFO, helped us sell our 34-year-old business to a public company for a nice premium. He assisted successfully in all phases of the negotiation, the final agreement, and in the integration. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of business operations. For our purposes, Joe was especially strong with finance. He ran our finance department. In addition, he is knowledgeable on technology applications, hardware, software and tech support. His knowledge in the area of tax, business strategy, cash management and vendor management were all invaluable to our success. In addition, Joe is thoughtful and considerate of others. He is honest and he has a strong work ethic. He was great to have on our team and I have no doubt he will add value wherever he goes. "

Mark Michael, Co-Founder and CEO of Occasions Caterers, Inc, Menus Catering, Inc and Protocol Staffing Services, Inc; 1986 to 2018 and President Occasions Caterers (post sale to Compass Group USA 2018 - present, Joseph Gwozdz was CFO of Occasions Caterers, Inc. 2017 - 2018 and Sector CFO for Compass Group 2018 - 2020​
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​"I was fortunate to work with Joe during my tenure as CEO at TwentyEighty Strategy Execution (formerly ESI International). Joe joined the group as a CFO of a portfolio company that was acquired and integrated into a larger holding company. During a period of massive organizational transformation, which required the establishment of new financial shared service operations in various locations around the world, Joe brought a measured and very professional approach to problem solving. His collaborative nature and practical operational experience combined well with his expertise in finance and accounting such that he was instrumental in guiding our progress post transaction. As a highly dependable and extremely capable finance executive, Joe would be an asset to any senior team."

John Elsy, CEO ESI International 2001 - 2015, Joseph Gwozdz was CFO of of ESI International 2014 - 2015
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​"Joe is first and foremost a really good man.  He excels at understanding the big picture of finance, operations, and execution while being a deft and pragmatic and CPA trained CFO.  In working with Joe, I always knew I was getting accurate financial facts along with insightful judgment that helped our business grow and succeed.  Joe is a tireless worker and has proven himself time and again with me and our investment partners as someone who can get the job done, regardless of the conditions and achieve the desired outcomes.  Specifically, Joe helped us maximize our exit value when we sold IPS Learning, helped us with arbitrage on key "use of proceed" issues and was the major player in partnering and managing our senior debt facility with Square One Bank.  Bottom line is that Joe is a consummate financial professional and one that you can trust fully, and count on 100% when it matters the most. "

Thomas Carter, CEO IPS Learning 2001 - 2014, and CEO Strategy Execution 2014 - 2016, Joseph Gwozdz was CFO of of IPS Learning and Strategy Execution 2011 - 2017
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I would highly recommend Joe's work. I worked closely with Joe while I was at Mainsail Partners and we had a great working relationship. He was always helpful and very knowledgeable about his job, company (IPS) and industry. He is very good with numbers and always responsive.

Lars Ahlstrom, CFO Mainsail Partners, 2006 - 2014, Mainsail Partners owned IPS Learning prior to sale in 2014 to Providence Equity Partners
​"Thank you for all you did that made all this possible. "

Steven Wallman, CEO and Founder Folio Financial regarding 2020 sale of Folio to Goldman Sachs, Joseph Gwozdz was CFO of Folio 2005 - 2011​
"I have worked closely with Joe for 5+ years.  My comparisons are CFO's from my prior firms, Harrisdirect, CSFBdirect, DLJdirect, Lehman Brothers, Shearson and the Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange.  Joe is current, knowledgeable and exhibits not only good judgment but provides good guidance and ideas.  He is practices a conservative approach to finance but is willing and does provide creative, aggressive ideas when the situation calls for it.  I would work with Joe again any time, any place. "

Michael J. Hogan, CEO Folio Investing, a subsidiary of Folio Financial 2006 - 2020, Joseph Gwozdz worked with Mike Hogan while he was CFO of Folio Financial 2005 - 2011​
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"Joe has complete command of the strategic financial and accounting issues that face a company without sacrificing the gritty details. Hard working, dedicated and of the highest integrity, I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again. "

Glen Hellman, President Proxy Governance 2007 - 2008, a subsidiary of Folio Financial that was sold to Ernst & Young in 2011, Joseph Gwozdz worked with Glen while he was CFO of Folio Financial 2005 - 2011 and on the sale of Proxy Governance​
"Joe is an excellent numbers guy with a keen ability to explain financial statements, budgets and more complex accounting methods. I have always relied upon his accuracy and completeness and find him easy to work with. I know of no reason why Joe wouldn't be a valued member of any organization that he joins. "

Bruce Shewmaker, Managing Director, MVC Capital, Board Member Folio Financial, Joseph Gwozdz worked with Bruce while he was CFO of Folio Financial 2005 - 2011
​"Joe is a person of integrity, who had my full trust while serving with me at FireXchange. He joined me as a CFO, and proved an even better COO, with a strong business focus. He demonstrated an extraordinary capacity for keeping an eye on the big picture, while staying on top of fast-moving and critical business issues. Joe has a sense of humor and capacity for prodigious hard work. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again, and recommend him highly "

Adnan Hassan, Founder & CEO, FireXchange 2000 - 2003, Joseph Gwozdz was CFO / COO of FireXchange 2000 - 2003
Joe is a talented CFO & COO who pays attention to detail but also understands the overall business plan and strategies and provides sound financial counsel to management.

Jess Hall, President & CEO, Easterseals DC / MD / VA 1993 - 2002, Joseph Gwozdz was CFO / COO of Easterseals 1997 - 2000
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